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** Topic: ABC: Cry for help from refugees in Dare **
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Subject: ABC: Cry for help from refugees in Dare

Australian Broadcasting Corp. The World Today Tuesday, September 14, 1999 12:28 p.m.

Cry for help from refugees in Dare

COMPERE: Well, as I mentioned when we had Joao Carrascalao from the CNRT talking to us a few minutes ago, there are growing cries for help from refugees gathered in the area around Dare south of the East Timor capital Dili, just a few kilometres south. It's estimated that there are now 50,000 refugees in the hills of Dare, reportedly running out of food and water and having a very difficult time indeed. Some of them decided to try and get back down to the UN compound and then on to Australia. Well, David Weber in Darwin spoke to one of the refugees who obviously doesn't want to be identified.

DAVID WEBER: The man says the situation in his area is relatively calm after shootings around Dare on the weekend. The shooting deaths of a woman and a priest on Saturday were followed with more shooting on Sunday, but the man's not aware of anyone being killed or injured in that incident. He says the problem now is that those who fled Dili are without basic needs. He says there's probably 50,000 people around Dare.

UNIDENTIFIED EAST TIMORESE MAN: Water is not enough for these 50,000 people and no food and then the problem of sanitation, and they are so traumatic with the killing last Saturday.

DAVID WEBER: They welcomed the news that peacekeepers would be on the way, but the man says they're hoping they'll come this week.

UNIDENTIFIED: One week or two, more than one week [inaudible] this will be bad, very bad actually.

DAVID WEBER: He says it's imperative that the peacekeepers get in because the Indonesian authorities have shown no interest in keeping the refugees alive.

UNIDENTIFIED: Because [inaudible] UNAMET have to [inaudible] ... and of course [inaudible] they don't want to do anything to save, to solve the situation.

DAVID WEBER: He says he's tried to make contact with the UN compound himself to have food and medicines brought to those in need.

UNIDENTIFIED: We tried to contact UNAMET and UN out here to support, bring food to Dare because the majority people from [inaudible] are concentrated there in Dare.

DAVID WEBER: He says the situation's critical.

UNIDENTIFIED: I think a great many people be lost if refugees don't have some food or food and medicine.

COMPERE: A refugee from East Timor speaking with David Weber in Darwin.

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