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** Written 7:12 AM Sep 5, 1999 by ronh@online.no in cdp:reg.easttimor **
From: "Ronny Hansen" <ronh@online.no>


I just got a call from Dili saying that the East Timorese human rights organization Yayasan HAK was being attacked tonight, by militias and/or military. I promptly tried to call the main office number, but that was down. I then called the hand/ mobile phone number of Joaquim Fonseca, one of Y. HAK's leaders. When he answered, he cut me short, and whispered into the phone: "we are being attacked, we are being attacked, there are people inside the house, firing guns, looking for us. Please do what you can to help us, please help. I must hang up now." The voice sounded like it could have been someone else, speaking a tad bit better English than what Joaquim does.

Please act now! Call your government, ministers, the UN, Kofi Annan, the Indonesian government, military, police, individual militia leaders etc. urging them to stop this carnage!!

Can someone on reg. easttimor please repost the lists of phone and fax numbers to the above- mentioned that have circulated before? I will pass them on as I receive them.

I am afraid we will have more reasons to act throughout the night because of the generalised brutality going on all over East Timor. Our observer in Dili is saying tonight that 77 persons were killed by the army and militias in Dili last night, that everyone is in hiding and are trying to slip unnoticed out of town, and that as night falls, the militias incresase their attacks on anyone they see fit. The Indonesian police is not lifting a finger to stop the militias, and are often seen assisting them.

Please do not go to bed before you have done your part to save these people's lives!

Ronny Hansen Coordinator Norwegian Cooperation Council for East Timor and Indonesia Tel: 92 80 86 07 work 22 68 28 88 priv. Fax: 92 97 86 07 e- mail: ronh@online.no http://www.egroups.com/group/timor-indonesia-nordic http://home.telia.no/timor

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