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** Topic: CNRT: 200,000 will die in East Timor if genocide is not stopped **
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Subject: CNRT: 200,000 will die in East Timor if genocide is not stopped

CNRT National Council for Timorese Resistance MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release: 1030 AustralianEST, Tuesday 7 September 1999

200,000 East Timorese will die if Indonesian genocide is not stopped now

STATEMENT BY: Joao Carrascalao Head of CNRT in Australia President of UDT (Timorese Democratic Union)

If the United Nations and the free, democratic nations of the world do not confront Indonesia now, more than 200,000 East Timorese will die in the new genocide and scorched earth policy Indonesia launched on Saturday.

Indonesia murdered 200,000 East Timorese in its pogrom in the 1970s. Now it is doing the same thing again -- beginning a carefully planned genocide aimed at exterminating large numbers of East Timorese to wipe out the independence movement and to free assets and land which Indonesians -- particularly army officers -- can steal.

The 1970s genocide suppressed the independence movement for two decades. This time, Indonesia wants to wipe it out completely.

Indonesian troops, police and their militia auxiliaries are shooting and hacking to death the people they see as the head of the independence movement and those with the most potential to fight for independence -- young men.

But this butchery is merely the start of the extermination program. As in the 1970s, Indonesia is tearing up the social structure of East Timor -- breaking up families, forcing tens of thousands of people into concentration camps, and driving others out of their towns and villages into the mountains.

The real killing will take place in the concentration camps and the mountains. The Indonesian military will starve innocent men, women and children to death as it did in the 1970s. It will cut off food supplies, and it will deny international agencies like the Red Cross access to the refugees.

Two differences

There are two differences in the situation this time.

One is that the Indonesian military is using the so-called militias as a front -- promoting the image of pro-Jakarta East Timorese at war with East Timorese. The idea that Indonesia's 20,000 troops and 10,000 police in East Timor could not control a rag-tag militia force armed with home-made guns is laughable.

In fact, the militias, created by General Zacky Anwar, and now led on the ground by a core of detached Intel (intelligence service), Kopassus and army non-commissioned officers and troops, are fully controlled and directed by the army, and always have been.

They are not out of control and never have been.

The second difference is that the Indonesian military has foolishly backed itself into a corner -- it has gambled its entire status and power on the East Timor card.

If East Timor gets away, the military will suffer huge damage to its reputation at both the political and military levels. It will mean the political profile of Indonesia will be reshaped -- with the military suffering a massive loss of power and influence and the possibility of real democracy getting a chance to bloom.

When East Timor at last wins its independence through the incredible courage of the East Timorese people, it will leave its oppressor, Indonesia, with this priceless gift -- the chance for itself to win freedom at last from military oppression, and the chance to establish real democracy.

Confrontation with Indonesia now is vital -- to save the lives of tens of thousands of East Timorese and to uphold the principals of democracy and freedom.

That confrontation will also be a great boon to ordinary Indonesians -- it will provide them with the best chance they have had in 30 years of gaining freedom from military oppression themselves.

FURTHER INFORMATION: JoÔo CarrascalÔo, CNRT Spokesperson in Australia. Tel: (02) 9823 5616, Mobile: 0418 767 101

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