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** Topic: AFP: Euro-MPs demand recognition of East Timor **
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Subject: AFP: Euro-MPs demand recognition of East Timor

Euro-MPs demand recognition of East Timor

STRASBOURG, Sept 16 (AFP) - Deputies at the European parliament on Thursday passed a resolution demanding that the European Union (EU) and its member states recognise an independent East Timor.

The parliament "recognises the freely and democratically expressed will of the people of East Timor to be independent and to create their own country," the resolution said of the restive Indonesian province.

The MEPs also condemned the "massacres committed by pro-Indonesian militias with the complicity of the Indonesian police and army" since East Timor residents vote overwhelmingly for independence in a UN-sponsored referendum August 30.

The resolution called on the United Nations to draw up a full list of atrocities that have been committed in East Timor, and expressed support for the suggestion by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson to set up an ad hoc international tribunal.

The UN Security Council voted early Wednesday to send a multinational peacekeeping force to restore security to East Timor.

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