Wednesday 8 September, 1999

Forced deportations continue into W Timor

The chief spokesman for the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET), David Wimhurst, says forced deportations are continuing from East to West Timor.

UNAMET reconaissance patrols are trying to work out the extent of the deportations and are deciding whether to make their way to the border to investigate reports of deaths and violence.

Despite the order for Australians and consular staff to evacuate, UNAMET says its 200 staff, including civilian police, will remain in Dili.

Some of them report Government buildings are burning, including the radio station, while others are checking Unitied Nations supplies at warehouses in the city.

Mr Wimhurst says they will investigate forced deportations.

"It's in the tens of thousands, obviously they are being trucked out, there's forced deportation of refugees out of East Timor and into West Timor and this has been going on since the beginning of the week, but I can't give you figures," he said.

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