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** Topic: Carter Center workers attacked in E Timor **
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Subject: Carter Center workers attacked in E Timor

Australian Broadcasting Corp. Sunday 5 September, 1999

Aid workers attacked in E Timor

American aid workers have been attacked in Dili.

Two Americans from the Carter Centre Aid group were trying to get their local staff on boats to escape East Timor today when pro-Jakarta militia attacked the group on the wharf.

The aid workers appealed to nearby Indonesian military for help, but say they were laughed at.

The aid workers managed to get to their cars but were chased by militia down the road.

One police vehicle is understood to have reversed at high speed when asked for help and the workers say they saw militia on the back of another police vehicle.

When one Carter Centre reached the police headquarters after driving through a military road block militias were allowed to enter, surrounding the worker's car taunting and jeering her.

The other car was fired on by militia.

Both aid workers are unharmed but the fate of the East Timorese staff is unknown.


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