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Subject: CNRT: Intervene now; Indonesia's final slaughter in East Timor is beginning

CNRT National Council for Timorese Resistance MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release: 2300 AustralianEST, Thursday 26 August 1999

Intervene now; Indonesia's final slaughter in East Timor is beginning

DARWIN (Thursday 26 August): As drug-crazed Indonesian militia gunmen course through Dili tonight, the Head of CNRT (Timorese Council for Resistance) in Australia, Mr Joao Carrascalao, is calling on Australia, Portugal and other friendly nations to urgently intervene in East Timor.

"Indonesia's militia and army are shooting and beating people on the streets of Dili tonight -- right now. UNAMET is struggling to provide security for key pro-Independence people.

"We have reports from our people on the ground that gunmen crazed by drugs are on the streets, threatening and shooting, out of control.

"Our information is that while some Indonesian police are providing some protection for some people -- by and large they are standing by and making no attempt to stop the attacks, break up militia mobs or disarm militia gun men.

"Faced by certain death for our fellow East Timorese if Indonesia is not checked, we ask Australia, Portugal, New Zealand, Europe and the United States to step in now to demand Indonesia instantly, immediately and completely comply with the United Nations agreement, and guarantee the safety of every pro-independence leader and supporter in East Timor.

"We particularly ask Australia -- your troops can be there in hours. Move in now to protect Australians and to protect ordinary, peace-loving East Timorese from the murderous militias and military, as the spearhead of an international peace-keeping force.

"When Australian troops land in East Timor, 750,000 East Timorese will rise up and welcome them with tears of joy and garlands of flowers, and Indonesia will be forced to withdraw. We are begging you, Australia. We need your help now.

"Indonesia has completely and utterly breached the UN agreement -- it has failed to disarm the militias, refused to move its huge army out, has not remained neutral and has not providing the security promised.

"Indonesia can no longer protest against international intervention on the ground."

FURTHER INFORMATION: Joao Carrascalao, CNRT Spokesperson in Australia % 0418 767 101 Issued on behalf of CNRT by Geoffrey Heard & Associates Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. GH&A provides this service free to aid the suffering people of East Timor.

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